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Outside the box solution...
for low level aerial photographs and videos, in Costa Rica

A new approach to remote control aerial photography has come into existence recently with the advent of smaller and lighter electronics, cameras, batteries, motors and control devices. What was science fiction a couple of years ago, is now reality. To do our work we have chosen radio controlled electric multi rotor helicopters to lift gyroscopically stabilized cameras to the required altitude to achieve stunning aerial photographs of your project. The electric multi rotors are quiet and unobtrusive so they can be used during outdoor gatherings, sporting events and other functions.

If you want to learn more about Low Level Remote Controlled Aerial Photographs and videos and how it differs from traditional aerial photography, go here. We invite you to examine our Image Gallery and Services Offered pages. Feel free to Contact Us if we have not provided adequate information.

Practical applications...
of low level aerial photographs and video in Costa Rica

Real Estate – Low level aerial photographs of luxury homes and condos reveal amenities that cannot be seen with street view photographs. Commercial – Show your clients the full panorama of your enterprise, not just a store-front view. Advertising – Interior and exterior photographs and HD video clips, plus post production. Cinematography – Difficult moving camera videos that go beyond the reach of a camera crane. Archeology – Low level vertical photographs over archeology digs are an invaluable tool for this science. Legal evidence – Property disputes or right-of-way conflicts can be better explained in court, if the arguements are reinforced with low level photographs. Architecture, Engineering, Construction – Low level photograph, before, during and after the construction can show progress and details that can not be easily distinguished with a street view shot. Municipalities – Before and after views of street paving, public parks, street signal markings, traffic conditions are only a small sample of uses. Tourism – There are hundreds of uses for low level aerial photography for ECO tourism and promoting national parks .Insurance – File photographs for traffic accidents, fires, and other disasters. Special events – Weddings, birthday parties and crowd counts at political events.

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It is our endeavor to provide our clients in Costa Rica, with complete solutions to their aerial video and photographic needs.

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